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by Amasty
Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2 helps customers find desired goods in the big catalog of products. It creates filters on the store product pages. Customers apply filters to narrow the search down.
Horizontal bar with filters
Equip your Magento 2 with horizontal layered navigation. Collects the most popular filters and makes them noticeable
The result is:
Catalog based on Magento 2 AJAX filters
with all the products that match customers' criteria.

Changes instantly with no reloads because of the AJAX
Block with current filters
So that users do not get confused about what they see on the page
Category tree
To quickly switch from
one category to another or filter by several categories at a time
Filters based on every product attribute
Helps users narrow the search down and find desired products
and don't overpay for the unneeded feature
Helps users who come to the store with a certain request
When users understand what products they are looking for, the task of the store is to lead them to these products as quickly as possible. That's where this Magento 2 custom layered navigation with filters help.

The better users understand what they need, the more filters they apply. It's not a problem, as the extension shows filters based on all Magento 2 product attributes; filter products by categories, set custom range of price filter, colors, sizes, etc.

For example, a customer needs a red 45 inches suitcase between $50 and $150. All these filters exist on the page. The customer applies them and chooses among those suitcases that match the conditions.
The user knew exactly that they needed a polyester red or black Delsey suitcase from $30 to $350 with roller wheels and a telescoping handle. The extension helps them narrow the search down
Helps users who come to the store
with no certain request
When users have no idea of what products they need, the task of the store is to make them dive into the catalog. Otherwise, customers will soon leave the store.
new products,
products on sale,
products with the highest rating,
products for special situations in life.
You can create such filters yourself. They are interesting enough for users to start surfing the store.
For this purpose, the extension has filters that are based not on attributes but spheres of interest:
A user didn't know what they needed at the store, so they started exploring goods on sale
Helps users that enjoy a particular brand
Some users trust particular brands. That's their only filter. For them, the extension creates a special page with all brands. Customers find the brand they love and choose among its products.
The extension creates a page with all the brands to help users choose the one they love
Works on mobile devices
We adapted the extension to work on mobile phones and tablets. So, users will concentrate on choosing goods and not suffer from the irresponsive interface.
0.5 s
The extension needs to change the page content. Human eye can barely notice that
Loads so fast
that people don't notice it
In the core of the extension is AJAX technology. It helps to change the page content quickly and with no reloads.
Customers don't wait until all the content will be loaded from scratch, don't get irritated and go on exploring the store.
Speaks customers' language
For example, grey suitcases in the store catalog differ in color: silver and charcoal. It's too difficult for customers. They come for grey suitcases and are not prepared to filter them by shades.
That's why the extension helps to map similar colors to the main color. Customers will filter suitcases by grey color and see charcoal and silver suitcases inside.
The extension understands what users mean and shows relevant info even when the request isn't right
Gives immediate feedback
As soon as a customer filters goods by color, the extension changes the color of the goods in the catalog to the chosen one. That's how customers understand that filters work.
Click on the color filter in the picture to change the color of the goods in the catalog.
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[SEO] Specifies custom meta tags for pages with selected attributes
The extension helps to create meta title, meta name and meta description for pages with filtered data. When Google sees these things it escalates pages in search. The higher your store is in search, the more users will open it.
For example, a customer filters the catalog and a page with results opens. Default Magento will create a URL for this page based on the technical name of the filter in the admin panel:
[SEO] Automatically creates custom URLs for categories, products and brand pages
The technical name means nothing for Google. It won't understand what the page is about and won't show it to users in search. That's why the extension creates URLs based on the real name of the category:
Nikos Mafredas,
Three years ago I bought it to have multiple filters to choose in category page. As a result I received more happy customers as the plugin improved the user experience.

What I liked the most is easy setup, all plugins do exactly what the creator says. I will recommend the extension to costumers that need extra functionality than the default Magento gives.

Software and Web Engineer
at Digitup.
I use Magento 2 AJAX Layered Navigation for 3 years.

I bought it to be able to implement a robust and user friendly faceted navigation system for our clients' sites. The sites that integrate this module offer customers an excellent navigation and filtering experience both via desktop and mobile.

The module is reliable, very well coded and is equipped with advanced features that allow to implement best in class Magento 2 layered navigation extension also from the SEO point of view.

I would recommend this module to anybody as it gives the possibility to implement a superb layered navigation solution that no other module in the market is able to offer.
Davide Consonni,
CEO at Advanced Logic
After we started using Improved Layered Navigation we noticed an increase in pages/session. As well as an increase in number of purchases in categories that use layered navigation.
Roderick Khan,
CEO at Orbit Micro
We saw increased engagement and as a result, increased conversion rates after we started using Improved Layered Navigation.
Austin Houser,
Director of Web Development
at Diet Direct Inc.
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